On signing with Genie, we met at my current home so that she could see how I now live and learn of my criteria and objectives for a new home. She then helped me set up a search which automatically provided me with email notices of new properties coming on the market that met my criteria. She would follow up with me directly on any that she thought would interest me and provided me with additional information, as well as the opportunity to visit the property. My criteria evolved over time and she responded by suggesting changes to my automatic search, to better meet my objectives. She scheduled appointments to visit homes that were of interest and usually drove me to those appointments. She served as intermediary between me and the seller, as she communicated with the seller’s agent.

She was a delight through all of this and a wonderful support when the going got tough over the ten month period. In the end, she got me to where I wanted to be. I don’t know what I would have done without her. I highly recommend her as a buyer’s agent. She is, of course, compensated by sharing the commission with the seller’s agent so there was no cost to me for her services. That’s a good thing because there’s no way to put a value on what she provides. Priceless!!